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Sellers FAQs

How to sell with DISCOUNTSHAH.com?

Sign up or register as a business, add few deals and start selling with DISCOUNTSHAH.com!

What information do you require to regsiter me as a seller/business?

You must provide us with your 1) personal, 2) business and 3) payment (JazCash/bank) information to register as a seller/business. Our staff will verify the information provided and then you are ready can start selling.

How do you collect and reimburse payments?

Payments are collected from buyers for the deals they purchase, seller payments are done on monthly basis including all closed-sales approved by buyers. DISCOUNTSHAH.com requires approval of transaction by both parties – buyer and seller – to consider a sale a closed-sale.

What are my payment options to collect the monthly payments?

You can collect your monthly payments by cheque or wire-transfer in favor of your bank account or through your JazzCash business account.

What is the fee you charge to a seller/business?

A percentage of each closed-sale / approved transaction is charged to the seller as fee. You can see the fee amount when you enter your deals after registering as a business. The fee is usually between 5% to 15% depending upon the deal price and category.

Why do you charge fee?

Your fee is actually the cost of marketing that we do to bring buyers and sellers together to benefit from each other. The margin that we make is the cost of keeping DISCOUNTSHAH.com alive.

What if a buyer rejects my deal after purchasing?

That’s a bad case. We recommend sellers to offer good quality deals to the buyers and get great feedback from them. However, when a deal is rejected by a buyer the purchase amount is refunded.

How can I improve my rating after getting low score?

You can either offer high quality deals at deep discounts to the unhappy buyer/s or you can move on with new buyers, learning from the past experience, offering them a quality deal the wold bring you higher rating.

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