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How it Works

Buyer or Seller?

DISCOUNTSHAH.com brings you the opportunity to buy or sell on discount! If you ‘Want to Buy’ you must ‘Register as Buyer’ or if you ‘Want to Sell’ then you must ‘Register as Discounter’. Please note that you must have two separate logins if you want to sell and buy here. The buyer account is a standard shopping cart account whereas seller account requires you to provide your business and bank information.

Buyer Account

When you have registered yourself as buyer you can buy discount deal vouchers offered by any seller at DISCOUNTSHAH.com. You can access your user profile from where you can manage your profile and purchases. You can also see the status for each deal you have purchased, from the very first to the latest. You can also rate the seller and share your feedback that if you were happy with your purchase or if you would like to suggest improvements.

Business Account

DISCOUNTSHAH.com enable sellers to sell incredibly fast! After registering as a discounter, you get ultimate access to the fastest selling engine in Pakistan. You have access to your user profile and business dashboard, from where you can manage  your profile, businessdealscoupons and agents. You can add discount deal vouchers and we bring you the right audience to buy your deals. Access your dashboard now and we wish you lots of sales!

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