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Buyers FAQs

Who is offering these deals? DISCOUNTSHAH or other sellers?

DISCOUNTSHAH.com does not sell its own deals. All of these deals are offered by businesses selling discount deals in your city.

How can I pay to buy discount deals at DISCOUNTSHAH.com?

You can buy deals from your Jazz Cash account using your mobile or computer. We will add more payment options in the future.

What if I am not happy with the deal I bought?

You have two options. 1) You can provide your feedback/rating to the seller or 2) you can claim for a refund. DISCOUNTSHAH.com holds your payment until both buyer (you) and seller approve the transaction with a feedback/rating about each other.

Do you have a secure payment method?

Yes! We have Jaz Cash, which is the best and most secure payment method for online shopping in Pakistan.

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